Healing with Intiune

Ingrid from Intiune.com is a registered auric magnetic energy healer (MHU) at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Appointments can be made to receive treatment in person, or by distance healing. For ethical reasons Ingrid offers her services as a healer on the basis of donation only. Feedback Ingrid has received varies from: ‘Really effective and understands what to work on’; ‘My whole life transformed’; ‘Pain is 99% gone’; ‘Very relaxing’; ‘Every time after a session I feel like a million dollars’; ‘I can now breathe freely’; ‘Your magic is simply unbelievable’; ‘Energy levels increasing’; ‘Indisputable positive outcomes’; ‘Feeling bouncy and happier’; to ‘Incredible’. You can contact Ingrid through the website above or by phone: 027 6829444.