BV Covid Offer


BiograView Covid Back On Track Offer
Valid from date of sign up 
Promotion runs for 12 months and ends 6 June 2021 

What you get: Your 1st advert extra any size FREE upon purchase of your chosen package (That’s four adverts for the price of three / three for the price of two / two for the price of one!)

PackagesAdvertsSizeTermPrice (+GST)
1)3any12 months$435
2)2any12 months$320
3)1any12 months$175

All packages include:
* 1 feature photo 
* optional additional images/video/business logo 
* automatically linked to your website
* social media cross posting
* unlimited posting of Situations Vacant and Upcoming Events

* Promotional material (Logo/Images/Video/Text & Header text) to be submitted by the client ready to publish 
* Must contain one feature photo – this will appear large at the top of the article 
* Must include title/headline 
* Image with text is acceptable for feature photo 
* Please email text separately from images – images will appear individually in article or in a gallery, as indicated by the client 
* Images inside advert must not contain text unless font is large and readable. Descriptions can be placed directly underneath image 
* Please send high image resolution in JPG or PDF format 

* All business advertisements will appear on Home Page and under the Business Profile Category showing the Headline and Feature Photo
* Situations vacant will appear on Home Page and under the Situations Vacant Category showing the Title and Feature Photo 
* Upcoming events will appear on Home Page and under the Upcoming Events Category showing the Title and Feature Photo
* Sponsorship will give you permanent exposure to the migrant community network and beyond on the Sponsors Page with your business logo
* Automatic crossposting on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn

Advertising on will help BiograView 
* Produce more stories 
* Raise positive cultural awareness 
* Promote diversity and culture equality in education and the workplace 
* Give back to the community – 10% of all profits will be donated to charity

Tip: An attractive feature photo will encourage people to read your article. Please use good quality images for best results. The higher the resolution, the better – 300dpi preferred as your feature photo will appear large on your page.

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Yes, we would like to take advantage of this offer