Lingua celebrates Dia De Los Muertos

I had the pleasure meeting with Tineka Twigley, new owner of Lingua, a language school in New Plymouth as she recently won BiograView’s business card draw at the Taranaki Business Showcase 2020. I was very pleased because Lingua promotes language, culture and the new opportunities language can provide. I am looking forward to be able to showcase more of Lingua on BiograView in the near future!

As conversation progressed Tineka told me about the multitudes of languages they teach. It was so nice to hear how Tineka’s love of language and culture keeps her active and encourages her students to engage in those cultures within the community. She organised for a group of her Spanish students to attend the Day of the Dead Fiesta to celebrate the Mexican tradition, held on Friday the 13th with performers Mauricio Olivera and Mireya I Ramos at the 4th Wall Theatre. This was preceded by a get together at Lingua, complete with drinks and nibbles, traditional face painting by The Face Painting Pixie to honour the dead, and a presentation about Dia De Los Muertos, by Mexican Arturo. Because of our common interests BiograView was so lucky to be invited to join and take some photographs.

We then left to do some interviews with the performers before the show. A big thank you to Tineka and Raewyn from the 4th Wall to make it happen. Interviews and story to follow so watch this space!