Thrive to Survive

Every obstacle that presents its self is an opportunity to learn and adapt, helping you change trajectory and put you on the path where you are destined to arrive.

Everything, all your experiences, choices and actions are creating this path towards living your life, and not having life live you.

Even the most confident women experience a time in their life when they question whether they are on the “right” path. We have all felt that our choices are limited, and experienced fear when it becomes apparent that we haven’t quite figured out where we need to be.

Women Beyond Ordinary introduces to you four extraordinary women who chose to make major changes in their professional and personal lives.
Brave enough to acknowledge what was not working in their lives, now through a product of decision each of these women are now living their life by their own design.

What happens next is the product of your decision, join us for this for an inspiring panel discussion and take the first step to living your life, and not allowing life to live you.

Ingrid Vercammen | Women Beyond Ordinary | Facilitator & Founder
Brooke Barrett |Fashion Designer | Girls Minds Matter Co-founder
Ingrid van Amsterdam | Healer | Writer | Biographer
Donna Willard-Moore | Artist | Healer | Change-maker.
Zara Thame | Founder of The Wellness Project

Date: 27 November 2019

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