Live your life

Ingrid: At the moment my occupation is public speaker. I also do some podcasts and meet-ups, and online courses through Zoom.

BiograView: What are the meet-ups about?

Ingrid: It’s all about empowering women – how to get the best out of themselves, how to find their own genius, and take off the layers of conditioning. In my previous life, when I was a psychotherapist, that was exactly what I was doing. Later on, when I started here in New Zealand with a company, in the end as the CEO, I also gained experience on how to build up a company, how to deal with staff and everything that is involved in a company as a decision maker. I learnt a lot. What I am doing now is combining both – what I learnt as a CEO and manager, and what I learnt before as a psychotherapist. That’s quite unique. Most people are or a therapist/coaches, or they come from the corporate world. I can combine both.

BiograView: What about the online courses?

Ingrid: They are done over Zoom. People who just do an online course and listen to things and have no interaction – that’s not the best way to do it. We built up some online courses about leadership and while we go we can build up the modules. I have very basic modules made up as an introduction to the next chapter that I am doing but when we go online we talk to these people. Depending on what they are willing to learn, we will evolve with the course. That’s the whole idea. Also we are going to set up a program for young girls and women, to do with the change in consciousness regarding global warming and how to adjust to that. Especially for women to educate their goals to their daughter and sons, how to be more cautious about global warming. Especially girls – the more they are educated, the more likely it is that they choose healthy food, will be cautious about the environment, and probably have fewer children. Most of the time when you look at global warming everybody asks: “How can we reduce emissions, how can we reduce this and that? But you also can see it from the other side. For example farming. How can we plant more trees? Can we do our agriculture better?” When we create healthier food and when we create an environment with more trees – that is also a positive outcome. We think that women have quite a leadership role in it. Don’t underestimate women. (Laughs) Youngsters are open for it. If you see what happened, what some of these young girls can do, they can really start a movement. You just have to get them into the right ideas, and they will follow. Get them more confident, all those types of things as well. What is actually their purpose? What is it that they really want to do, instead of stepping into what society wants them to do: get an education, get married, have children, and then when you’re 45 and the children have left the house you can start your life. Now you can start your life earlier. You have to live your own life and not let life live you. For that we have to educate them, how to get leadership over themselves. You have to lead yourself first before you can start leading others. If you are not capable to lead yourself first and you have to wait until others tell you what to do, then it’s very hard to take your life into your own hands. At the end of the day, you are the one who is responsible for your life. Whatever decision you make, it’s your decision and you have to live with that. If you look towards your future, and you know where you are heading it’s much easier to get that going in your life. There will be obstacles all the time – that’s the same for everybody. But when you still have your eye on the summit – your goal where you have to go to – you can enjoy the environment. You are in the scenery but you still have to keep in mind where you are going.