Taranaki Multi Ethnic Extravaganza 2020 – Food Stalls Coordinator Report

Snapshots from the Food Stalls Coordinator 🙂

More than a week has gone past and it’s time I shared my bit with you as this year’s Food Stalls Coordinator. A role I was completely new to and to be honest, a little unsure whether I would have the time/ability to manage this, right after having started BiograView which was just gaining momentum. So when asked to be in this position my initial reaction was a ‘No’ but persistent asking made me believe that someone really must want me to take on the job 😉 I gave in.

True to my usual self I threw myself into my new role and treated it as a full-time occupation. I had been to some previous events and after some research decided to try something different for a change. It paid off. A simple change in layout, seeing the potential of the available space and giving prospective stall holders a choice of their preferred stall sites proved very fruitful. The result spoke for itself.

Seeing the whole event unfold from setting up the afternoon/evening before to the preparations on the morning of the big day and then from the moment the public arrived I felt great pride in seeing everything come together so well. There had been a few minor challenges Saturday morning which were easily problem solved with some muscle power (including my own) and in collaboration with Mike from TLL Events. Stall holders were very pleased giving me positive feedback overall which I really appreciated. Watching the public relax and have a good time was such a pleasure to see too! Happy faces all round made months worth of preparation all worth the work.

Along with a new addition in the form of a media screen by MAD Media showing the ongoing entertainment from the food stalls area and excellent media exposure on a relatively small budget meant we received a good crowd. With more stalls than ever and a bigger crowd, many stall holders reported to me that they sold out before the end of the event, even if having brought in more food than in previous years. Food ethnicities included Maori, Filipino, American, South American, Indian, Fijian, Thai, Austrian, Sri Lankan, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, Caribbean, Venezuelan, Samoan, South African, Kiwi, Vietnamese, French, Singaporean, Korean, and Japanese.

Shorter queues were a plus too. A marquee provided welcome shade and there was a generous area reserved for outdoor tables and chairs to eat at, as well as plenty of space on the grass to enjoy food from around the world while watching the stage performances onscreen. More shade was available in the grandstand which provided a more direct experience of the entertainment in front of them, MC’d by Brian and Margie. Both the grandstand as well as the food stalls area were filled with visitors throughout the day.

Some of the feedback received:

* Love the screen
* Love the layout
* Very professionally done
* Loved the fact we could choose our site
* Do it again like this next year!
* A great event, happy to be a part of it
* Thank you for a wonderful day. 
Very well organized
* Congratulations and Well Done!!!
* Amazing Extravaganza
* Thoroughly engaging
* Appreciated the quality of food including its freshness and variety from around the world
* Great atmosphere
* Congratulations on running such an awesome and successful event…well done!
* Super proud of everyone and their passion to making this years event stupendous
* Yes we love to be sold out 😊
* I watched it live on facebook which was an awesome idea 😊
* Definitely ready for next year.

– The happy faces said it all.

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible and a success. A big thanks in particular to the guys (and gal) from Seletar and Arranged Marriage who helped us put up the big marquee!!! We couldn’t have done it without you!