BiograView wishes you a happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful 2021

BiograView wishes you a happy, healthy, prosperous, and most of all peaceful 2021 from New Zealand!

Let our imagination run wild and dream big. The sky is the limit! No matter what kind of year we’ve just left behind, look at the future through a positive lens and let our thoughts be our creator.

BiograView highlights:
November 2018

* Homelands then & now was written on behalf of Migrant Connections Taranaki which led to the desire for sharing more cultural stories and the mental birth of the BiograView name

March 2019 * This is significant not only because of the Christchurch shooting in NZ but also the writer’s time spent with her mother during terminal illness and subsequent death on the same day. Both events reinforced the need to continue with the passion to raise positive cultural awareness

May 2019 * BiograView was initiated on WordPress

July 2019 * First Student Library Talk

October 2019

* The launch of

November 2019

* Registered with the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce * Became involved as Food Stalls Coordinator for the Taranaki Multi Ethnic Extravaganza 2020 * The writer participated as Panel Member at Women Beyond Ordinary’s Thrive and Survive

March 2020

* Taranaki Multi Ethnic Extravaganza 2020 * Full lockdown level 4 Covid-19 in NZ offered the opportunity to reflect on past practices and growth

June 2020 * Further identification of BiograView’s views

July 2020

* Moved into an office/studio at the Kings Building New Plymouth

October 2020 * Participation in the Taranaki Business Showcase 2020

November 2020 * Introduction of BiograView’s first volunteer journalist

December 2020

* BiograView’s first wind down!