Let the magic begin

Story: Paola Alvarez

Coming down on our bicycles riding through Pukekura Park where all your senses get involved is a delightful feeling. Maybe it was around 7pm, when it was still not too dark to appreciate all the different lights, shapes, sounds and music incorporated in the exhibition when families, kids and friends were having a great time just sitting and enjoying a picnic on the grass. And for those interested you can bring your own alcohol.

A little bit further we arrived at ‘Christmas at the Bowl’ where the majority of people were listening to local bands, Christmas Carols and enjoying the food from the stalls there. There was a huge line of people waiting to enjoy churros, one of the favourite classic desserts from Spain.

It was pretty magical to see a lot of people with candles or using their phone’s torches, singing together ‘Flashlight’. A few minutes later we were able to appreciate a familiar face on the stage and even better – let her thrill us with her voice – I’m talking about our friend Mireya Ramos, the same beautiful lady who organised the The day of the Dead a while ago with local musician Mauricio Olivera. Mireya Ramos is a Dominican-Mexican artist resident of North America who came here before the pandemic to perform in New Zealand. All we know is that she is still enjoying her stay in New Zealand. We are very lucky to have a Grammy winner singing for us at this great family event. The show ended with a couple of catchy 80’s songs. Mireya Ramos intoned a Spanish song as a great finale.

Of course fireworks lit up the sky. It made us feel like it was Christmas already but also left us feeling grateful for being in such a beautiful city.

Don’t give it a miss, bring your family, friends or just yourself to the park. Get more details on Facebook @TSBFestivalofLights or join to instagram #iloveFOL.

BiograView will keep reporting for you from the Festival of Lights 2020, see you there.