Introducing Paola Alvarez

I am so excited to introduce and welcome the lovely Paola Alvarez to the BiograView team as writer/interviewer. Paola is a beautiful well travelled woman whose energy just lifts the room as soon as she walks in.

Paola has an interesting background as a qualified journalist from Chile. She recently moved to New Plymouth where she is currently working as Senior Barber Team Leader at BarberShopCo. Initially wanting to work as a kindy teacher when leaving school her father advised that another career may be better, which is when she decided to take up journalism at the Andres Bello University in Santiago, Chile.

After five years working as a freelance journalist in TV and radio Paola moved on, looking for a change. She worked as a flight attendant for a few years, which is when she found her passion in hairdressing – her first clients were pilots and flight attendants!

Paola’s love of travel, hairdressing and an interest in learning the English language took her around the world, from Chile to New Zealand, Ireland and the UK, Italy, and Vietnam where she volunteered at Little Rose Shelter in Ho Chi Minh, a centre for disadvantaged girls aged 12 – 18. She enjoyed teaching the girls dance, yoga, aerobics and self defence base on Karate Do (following her father’s footsteps who used to practice karate also).

It’s hard not to love Paola’s smile and generosity. She has a big heart and really cares for the people she works with and I am looking forward to be working with her.

Paola’s focus will be on music, concerts, community events, festivals, markets and more.

If you are planning an event or show, please contact us at BiograView and let us know. We’ll be happy to be there!