BiograView, perspectives from around the globe is all about raising positive cultural awareness. Its aims: 

  • 1) To take away fear and stigma causing racial discrimination around unknown ethnicities of which many are represented in our community by immigration, refugee status, and even by birth 
  • 2) Create an understanding for each others’ differences and appreciating the qualities we bring into the world as a cultural being 
  • 3) Diversity and culture equality in education and the workplace  

We need to open our eyes, our minds and our hearts and recognise the fellow human being we all are, regardless of our cultural background. After thousands of years of people migrating from one part of the world to another it never ceases to amaze me that there is still so much hatred, fear, misunderstanding and racism in the world. 

Too often we see migrants bullied at school or in the workplace, unable to get a job or losing their jobs due to their ethnicity. People who were born here are ‘told to go home’ because they happen to have different features. 

In my view one of the main issues is that we still experience language difficulties – a lack of vocabulary, or sometimes as a local we find it hard to understand a foreign accent where English is spoken as their second language. More support is needed to facilitate local language skills to minimise these lingual symptoms. It takes two to tango and although we do have organisations in New Zealand such as English Language Partners it’s not always as simple as that. And yes there are workshops for migrants with regard to discrimination, human rights and harassment, but we need to think more preventively rather than looking for a cure when the damage has been done. As a local we also need to be more flexible and understanding, less judging of others because we are never fully aware of someone else’s situation and we have not stood in their shoes. 

We need to be willing to open up, and really listen. Ask again if you didn’t understand the first time. Misunderstanding culture doesn’t just apply to foreign countries either as we have racism within New Zealand. Although well overdue it’s very encouraging to see that now Te Reo Māori is integrated into the New Zealand curriculum and the use and understanding of it is becoming a lot more natural amongst our younger people. It will take time but it shouldn’t be too hard to achieve peace and equality with a bit of willingness from all directions. Positive results can be  achieved with the right attitude at home, at school, and in the workplace. 

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